Executive Team

Our Clients, Service Providers, colleagues and Advisors are consistently commenting and praising our Leadership Team for what we already know is the single largest differentiator of our business and most essential to our collective achievement of building a truly world class company from the top to the bottom. Not only do we have our very first Client of over 20 years, we also have our first employee with us today. Although we have grown relentlessly, nearly all of the original dozen individuals remain as pillars of Argus. The uncommon degree of trust, loyalty, humility, shared vision, work ethic, collaboration and respect is to such extreme is truly rare. This spirit has permeated our entire culture which affords us the additional advantage of being able to attract the absolute best professionals to our Firm as we have thoughtfully built out our next generation Leadership which is certain to be of equal caliber.

Jeff Lau

Jeff Lau (AKA. “The General”) graciously leads Argus where he oversees all aspects of business operations. Jeff has served in many roles within Argus over the past 15 years including the establishment of our Intra-European operations, Intra-Mexico operations and Asian operations.

Jeff has pioneered the enduring and evolving core operating procedures of Argus including the client engagement, carrier and service provider interactions. He has overseen internal accountability and has been the key architect in establishing the way that Argus Solutions does business and provides customer service, which has clearly differentiated our service offerings as the best in class. Jeff has been the operational lead in diversifying our client base that had traditionally been over reliant on the automotive sector.

Today Argus has evolved its business to include clients in health and beauty aids, retail, home appliances, energy, heavy manufacturing, IT, chemical, after market and publishing to name a few. Because of his vision Jeff has proudly evolved into the face of Argus and an internal and external leader for the company. Jeff entered the world of full platform logistics management after earning his degree at Western Michigan University before moving into a very successful tenure within the less than truckload sector.

Aside from his passion for the Argus family, Jeff’s heart clearly resides with his entire family and spends all of his free time with his wife, son, daughter and his extended family. Jeff quietly and often anonymously supports many philanthropic efforts within his community.

Brandon Stallard

Brandon oversees the Argus Leadership Team while maintaining a strategic focus on establishing and maintaining key relationships through company, community and the industry as a whole.

After spending the early part of his career in the air freight sector, Brandon completed his Logistics Management degree at Michigan State University while working for Dr. Don Bowersox (the Dean of the Eli Broad School of Business and grandfather of this Logistics Management Program). Prior to becoming a founder of Argus, Brandon went on to work in Logistics Management in Mexico City, focusing on the Import /Export industry. He also spent time in logistical management within the Health and Beauty Aid field.

Brandon recognizes the importance of giving back to his community, and has served on several philanthropic boards, including past chairman of the Greater Detroit Young Presidents Organization, board member of the YMCA and several other worthy organizations.

He spends most of his free time with his wife and son, who together often take trips to their favorite part of the world – Northern Michigan.

Sharon Zhou

As part of the executive team, Sharon Zhou oversees the full cycle of freight bill processing as well as financial reporting, tax planning and human resources. Sharon exhibits all the core values the entire Argus organization was built upon: Integrity, Transparency, Humility, and Client Advocacy.

Sharon is a CPA and earned her Master of Accounting Degree from University of Michigan and remains very dedicated to her alma mater and a loyal Wolverine fan. Her international financial experience coupled with her State and US accounting training gives Sharon a unique holistic view to our business and industry.

Sharon exemplifies the modern American dream as she moved to the U.S. from China four years ago. She enjoys working in Michigan. Her goal is to reunite with her family and continue building on our world class freight bill and audit payment center and financial institution.

Drew Janney

As part of the leadership team, Drew oversees all things operational; including the load operations, account management, and compliance department of Argus Logistics. Drew’s core focus is providing a best in class experience for our clients. In addition to his time at Argus, Drew brings with him many years’ experience from the logistics and supply chain industry which has always centered on advocating for the best client experience at the best value.

As an integral part of the company’s growth strategy, Drew truly possesses the core values of the Argus organization. A proponent of our corporate principle of full transparency and humility, Drew instills this philosophy in his interactions with clients, carriers, and his colleagues each and every day.

When he is not on the road visiting clients, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife and dog and staying active. He and his wife love traveling the country throughout the year to find the next best 10k and to visit family and friends.

Drew earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in Business Management. He also holds a MBA from Michigan State’s Eli Broad School of Business and is an active participant in the MSU Alumni Association.

Parker Stallard

Parker has spent his entire life in and around the supply chain industry, from the dinner table as a child to the boardrooms today.  He initially took interest in politics during his time at the University of South Carolina, but eventually his pedigree took over.  After several years working at a national logistics provider outside the company, Brandon approached Parker to take on a role with Argus as an Account Manager in North Carolina.  Parker’s time with Argus has taken him across the globe in each facet of the business from Europe to Mexico, and all around the US, finally settling in Detroit in 2010.

Today Parker oversees the Sales and Business Development of Argus.  His industry expertise, national and international experience, relationship building abilities, coupled with his strategic and analytical mindset helps potential clients bridge the gap between their needs and our services have resulted in significant growth of the Argus client base during his tenure.

Parker married his childhood best friend in 2013, in which they enjoy spending time with their dog, golfing, traveling and tennis.  When time permits Parker and his wife enjoy as much family time as possible back home in Statesville, NC.